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First PSP isos files released

Another step forward in the race to crack open the PSP: Paradox has worked out how to get a dump from a UMD disc, and has released the ISO files for several PSP games (Wipeout: Pure US, Ridge Racers Japanese, and Vampire Chronicles: The Chaos Tower Japanese).

Also of note, UMD discs use the standard ISO9669 format, so the released ISOs can be burned to regular CDs or DVDs. Know that the games are not yet playable in this format, but it’s a big step forward now that all the reverse engineers out there can get their hands on this stuff.

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PSP isos

Of course you can't play this game yet, and you won't be playing it anytime soon on a burnt umd disc. Sony has already said they wont be releasing burners for UMDs


Free Sony games at PSP

Maybe it will give you an idea of what PSP games are like, and just what is hidden on PSP UMD discs. It will give psp developers a chance to look into the files etc used on a UMD. Knowing what files are present and where in the file path they can be found may help with loading of 'driver' files etc from disc.


Utilities and Tools

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Sony PSP ISOS File System

UMDs use an iso9660 based filesystem, so this image file can be opened in any iso image browser such as isobuster to look at, extract and generally play with the files within. It could also be burnt to a DVD to let u access the files on your computer such as in windows explorer

To play PSP iso files have to be copied to the games folder on the MS Pro Duo memory card next to the folder where the pictures, videos, movies and downloaded games go. It is the same storage for all the possible downloads for a PSP. Finding a website that offers torrent downloads of PSP game isos is not hard as there are many websites offering PSP iso files due to the high demand of practical and economical games for PSP’s.

There are many ways to download games on to PSP as there are many websites offering free game downloads. There are websites that offer free PSP iso files for all firmware versions and Custom Firmware, as well as free pictures of celebrities, cartoons, sports, logos, themes and other pictures that can be assigned as wall papers. Some fans have even made a ultimate networks for players that provide the best tips and links for finding the best isos. Other links lead to websites that let PSP owners download PSP iso files without the need to register.

There are many websites that offer free downloads for PSP consoles, homebrew, cheats, patches and a lot more. You can also find helpful forums about games and just about everything about Play Station Portable gaming consoles. Site search engines are great tools when looking to find a particular finding PSP iso file.

Homebrew and Public Domain

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Run homebrew code on the PSP

Yeah, we’re ringing the bells, but before we go any further we gotta warn you up front: this tool only works with Japanese PSPs, for now. But if you’have got one or can get your mitts on one, you can use this Elf to PBP converter tool to run code compiled for the PSP. The elf2pbp software converts the compiled code into a PBP file that can be executed from a memory stick when placed in a subdirectory of PSP/GAME. The other catch is that your Japanese PSP cannot be flashed to version 1.5. Yeah, lots of caveats on this one but still — it’s a start.



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Wipeout Pure USA PSP ISO

Vampire Chronicle The Chaos Tower isos

Ridge Racers JAP PSP ISO

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Downloading, installing and using isobuster

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Sony PSP isos and UMDs use an iso9660 based file system like Mini DVDs

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